Oct. 9th, 2009

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why I'm loving Numb3rs season 5 a lot so far:
- it's lightening up again! less angsty moping!
- Don's curly hair is the most adorable thing ever (the brothers match!)
- Don is smiling more (which is also adorable) ♥
- Charlie stands up to the bullies!
- Charlie admitting he's addicted to FBI work ♥
- Don and Charlie defending each other ♥
- Liz seems to come back often, she's my favorite female agent =3

what I'm not liking so much:
- the new Math Analogy Scenes (TM) makes it seem cheesier than the original voice-over versions (season 3/4 was my fave) =T
- the 5x03 case was kinda WTF (aka random Colby!affair is random)
- I miss Megan D:
- need to get used to Nikki, still don't like her much...


FlashForward episode 1x03
- I don't really like Mark...it's more the actor I guess? he tries to seem srz business, but it kinda fails when he tries too hard; I'll probably hold it to lack of charisma (unlike Don 8D)
- in fact all the FBI agents kinda seem too full of themselves (except Demetri 8D)...or maybe it's the script...their lines are way too dramatic and the actors don't seem really emotionally involved in their roles =T
- Demetri/Zoey is way too cute, they better get married, show better not break our hearts D<
- the crow thing...just...I don't even know...sure it's ~*mysterious*~ but kinda overdone =T
- I do like the fact that they have the German characters speaking German; good to know foreign languages still make it on American tv

huh, seems only reason I'm still watching this is the fact that John Cho is in it and he might maybe actually sorta kinda sing (he has a gorgeous voice)


not following any Asian shows this season...nothing's really catching my attention...
Okada's not doing any new dramas D:
other Jap dramas probably have pretty awful acting (JE boys...*sigh*)...
maybe I'll go hunt for a Korean show?


we're doing zombies in my consumerism course 8D
watching Dawn of the Dead next week

really loving my scifi-tv class, lots of debate on ethics and world views

time travel really is just a plot device, doesn't make sense scientifically; isn't there a rule of physics that says there are only a specific amount of atoms in the "world" so technically a person cannot just introduce their composition into a time in the past...
and if you're travelling back in time to "fix" something...once it's fixed, won't your future self lose that motivation?
the only theory that makes even marginal sense here would be alternate reality...but that would mean the future!person would be trapped in that universe...? the atoms theory still holds though =T

I also read somewhere that scientists who discovered "warp drive" say that every time a spaceship goes into warp mode (tearing up the space or displacing something or other), they would leave behind a black hole...yeah...

did some discussion on Star Trek today, and I've just realized how much of an imperialist Kirk really is =T seriously, he breaks the Prime Directive way to many times and pushes "democracy" onto "primitive" cultures, then laughs it off as just another day of "defeating evil" when Spock tries to get him to reconsider -___-
democracy is starting to look a lot like communism when it's forced upon other cultures that "don't know any better" this way; he even says "you'll love it!" as if he knows what's best
perfect metaphor for American cultural imperialism today I'd say

now I know why I never really liked Kirk that much
sure, K/S is epic and stuff, but I can never really bring myself to like TOS!Kirk by himself

and while we're on that topic, reboot!Spock kinda bothers me with his disregard for killing off the Romulans regardless of what they did...
I know he's a teenager (kinda) and his emotions are all over the place after his mom/planet's death, and he's not the "same" Spock in the alternate timeline, but isn't peaceful resolutions a key characteristic of the character of Spock?

and don't even get me started on the hypocrisy of old!Spock saying Nero was a "particularly troubled Romulan" while not divulging the fact that Nero does have his reasons (his own planet/family died) outside sociopathy; it's like pushing responsibility away from himself -_-

which is why I like TOS better since it fits a message into every 50 minutes while reboot seems rather message-less (or rather bigoted) for the whole 2 hours

that is not to say reboot isn't an enjoyable movie, I've put it on repeat several times, but it's more of a ohhh!pretty movie than a deeply philosophical one...


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