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the milky way tastes like raspberries

Numb3rs has such awesome lines, lots of random knowledge gained ♥
here are some quotes from 6x01 "Hang Man":

Larry: "the milky way tastes like raspberries" (this is true btw)

Don: a guy's sitting on a roof in the middle of a flood, a boat comes along and he says 'no no God will save me', another boat passes and he says the same thing, then a helicopter comes along and he still says 'God is on his way'; so the guy drowns, and he asks God, 'why didn't you save me?', and God says, 'what do you want from me? i sent you two boats and a helicopter!' (this is paraphrased a little)

more on season 5:
the last half of season 5 was pretty awesome; lots more female-interaction (Liz, Nikki, Amita, Robin...Millie seems to have gone AWOL though...), and Liz is part of the team again ♥ but Nikki is still kinda annoying, but then again maybe it's because she's not as sympathetic as the previous "new guys"
they brought up math and mental illness again though (two episodes now, and even a direct reference to "A Beautiful Mind"), so I'm really hoping that isn't foreshadowing anything similar happening to Charlie DDD:

and now season 6:
- Don's hair is longer and curlier! \8D/
- Charlie doing flash calculations during a shootout, that was so awesome 8Q___
- David and Colby's "dates" hahahahaha XD
- same with the Charlie foreshadowing, I hope Don's shaky hands and that hugeass scar aren't leading up to anything nasty DDDDD:


The Mentalist season 2 ramblings:
- new titlecard!
- Lisbon has long hair! so flippy!
- more Jane angst =(
- Cho discusses his juvie time! but it's still rather vague...
- I love how Cho went back to pick Jane up after Lisbon gets mad at him XD;
- Jane/Lisbon snark ♥

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