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Jul. 25th, 2016 10:45 pm
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 Like most of your online friends, I seem to have been bitten by the Pokémon Go bug. I installed it a few days after it came out and played a bit, but didn't really get interested until sometime next week. There's a pokestop in the cemetery next to my apartment complex (and by "next" I mean "they share an enclosure wall") but I haven't actually been able to go there because it's been over 100 fahrenheit here every day, and I'm just superstitious enough  to not be willing to wander around a cemetery when it's starting to get dark.  Though, while I'm not 100% certain how the pokestop ranges work, I must be in range of the lures because sometimes I'll be sitting here with the app open and have 5-8 pokemon show up at once, or have them appear at 1-2 minute intervals for a while. There are also a lot of residents wandering around, trying to pretend they aren't playing.

I'm currently at level 7 and joined Team Mystic because it's blue and I liked the symbol. Very deep thinking on my part, there.

I really do need to visit the pokestop, though, to get pokebalks, and find a gym that's convenient to me. My church is actually a gym, but way too far away for me to go just for that.

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Jul. 23rd, 2016 12:55 pm
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Anyone who's been following me long enough remember a time about 8 or so years ago where I went in to get my hair trimmed and they cut off 8 inches instead? Well I do, and IT HAPPENED AGAIN.

Context: When I left my apartment 3 hours ago, my hair was to my hips. It now doesn't reach my elbows. The last time my hair was "short" on purpose, I was 18 (currently 35) and it was shoulder length. The only times it's been this short since are now and the last time they lopped 8 inches off without my permission.

Not EXACTLY the same because the time before, it was a bad, uneven cut and they were rude about it and tried to claim it was the cut I told them to give me. This time the hairdresser was nice and professional, and it actually IS a good cut, JUST HALF A FOOT SHORTER THAN IT'S SUPPOSED TO BE. we both referred to it as "a trim" before starting and he showed me on his comb how much he was going to cut off. I had to leave and come back because I was in shock and I thought it was going to be a huge fight with trying to blame me again because when I came back and explained, the receptionist's response was "there's nothing we can do about that." And, true, you cannot magically reattach 8 inches of hair to my head, but that is most certainly NOT the proper response to that situation, especially to someone almost in tears. she backtracked when I called her on that, and at least the manager I spoke with was much better and only nominally tried to make excuses ( "there must have been a miscommunication" WELL I'M NOT SURE HOW BUT OBVIOUSLY THERE WAS). I don't know what their reasoning was because they were at lunch when I went back.

Anyway a huge UGH to the whole thing. This weekend is fired and I want to travel back in time 3 hours but I can't so I'm going to hibernate with my Korean and Chinese dramas. There are also several people who I know I won't be able to not see for the next few days who are always saying I should cut my hair shorter who will probably try to convince me that this was a good thing.

P.S.: Anyone want to make recs for shampoos or supplements that make hair grow faster? For obvious reasons, it's not something I usually have to worry about.

ETA: my hair is very fine and really long hair sometimes breaks off. My assumption is that he saw some had broken off and thought it best to do the requested trim above that length. If that's the case and he had told me, I would have been upset at the necessity, but prepared and accepted it. BUT NOTHING WAS SAID ABOUT CUTTING ANYWHERE NEAR THAT MUCH OFF.

Stranger Things: Season 1

Jul. 22nd, 2016 11:04 pm
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Ok, it's time for me to attempt to articulate why Stranger Things got me to watch the entire first season in 1 sitting and has had me wanting to squeal out loud for the last week.

Stranger Things is the latest Netflix Original to drop. It's a gothic horror series set in a small town in 1983 feature scrappy teenaged monster hunters, evil government scientists and conspiracies, an androgynous psychic kid, teenaged douches and preadolescent bullies, shortwave radio and walkie talkies providing communications to other dimensions, people in other dimensions using lightbulbs to communicate with our world, and D&D loving kids who like to ride their bikes all over town, and a missing child. Winona Ryder was heavily put forth as a lead character, and with good season. Her name alone makes you think of 80s and 90s pop culture hits, and this is her first major role in years. She more than lives up to the hype, but while she plays one of the major characters and is one of the two most central adult characters (the other being David Harbour's sheriff Hopper) but the main focus of the series skews more to wards the teen and preteen characters.

The thing about Stranger Things that makes me love it is that it's a nostalgia show that isn't actually nostalgic. By which I mean, most nostalgia shows and movies are very aware of the nostalgia and are looking back on the nostalgic period, and the narrative itself has some awareness of the fact that it's looking back at a previous time period. Stranger Things doesn't do that. Instead of looking back on the 80s and drawing from them, it completely immerses itself in the 80s. It uses similar camera angles to 80s movies, the credits are 80s credits, everyone sacrifices their heads to poofs and mops, plaid and jackets are everywhere, and the soundtrack isn't "inspired by" the 80s or simply using 80s songs, it actually IS an 80s soundtrack. The only way it could possibly be more 80s than it already is would be if they were to reveal that it secretly IS an 80s show that has been amazingly remastered. Kids able to ride their bikes home at night without supervision? NORMAL. "BECAUSE COMMUNISM" to explain things? YEAH WE KNOW. Tabletop D&D games that have an entire basement devoted to them? WHAT KID DOESN'T HAVE IT? Having to go to a store to get things printed off? HOW ELSE WOULD YOU GET THEM IF YOU AREN'T RICH? Off the top of my head, the only real nod to an awareness that the show isn't taking place in the time it's set in is that some technology that is now obsolete or has changed so much that it's unrecognizable in its form from 30 years ago gets explained, but it gets explained to people who would have a logical reason not to be familiar with it. It's nostalgic because it crams every trope and reference to 80s (and sometimes 90s) horror, scifi and kid adventure movie in that it can, but it approaches it as "that's what people like to watch these days" not "these are what the oldies that were popular then" were like.

(Spoilers past this point, largely for the pilot, and things very heavily implied in the pilot)

cut for length and spoilers )

YMMV with all of that. If you like 80s stuff, gothic horror, small town mysteries or Adventurous Kids and Teens, then you'll probably like the show. I don't know if Netflix has made any announcement yet for a second season, but it has an open ending that both wraps things up in a way I found satisfying, and gives strong hints about what the second season will be about, if there is one.

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Jul. 19th, 2016 07:43 pm
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That was not quite the reset button I expected the 12 Monkeys finale to hit.


(I actually dismissed The Witness's identity as too obvious a while back? But maybe that was the idea.)

kdrama: Maids

Jul. 17th, 2016 09:36 pm
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Maids is a recent sageuk set during the reign of King Taejong, about an arrogant young noblewoman, In Yub, who becomes a slave after her father is framed for treason. She's sold into the house of her former romantic rival, who proceeds to make her life miserable, and clashes with the existing servants of the household, who she had been arrogant towards before. The head of the household is a high ranking official, and In Yub sets out to find a way to prove her father's innocence, while trying to adjust to her new life. There's also the shenanigans by the ACTUAL traitors, and their plots to overthrow the king. Somewhere in the mix, there's the secret offspring of the king who various people are searching for.

As the title suggests, the main focus of the series is on the maids of the household. The political aspects drive a lot of the plot, but are secondary to the character stuff. In Yub isn't difficult to like or sympathize with at first-in the first episode, she throws a temper tantrum that results in the second female lead, Dan Ji, being severely beaten, and this is after several smaller acts of arrogance and mistreatment of servants. The show does make a point to say that she's usually much kinder to servants and is only acting that way because of stress, but it still makes her someone who takes out her frustrations out on people who can't fight back. Naturally, In Yub is pretty well hated by the other servants of the household at first, but since no one really wants to spend 20 episodes watching the main character be arrogant while everyone else bullies her, she soon grows up and becomes friends with many of the other servants. While her actual character arc to make her more likable and sympathetic is well written, I mostly credit the actress with the fact that I came to love the character as much as I did.

On the romantic end of things (it IS a kdrama, after all) In Yub's former fiance, Eun Gi, is also trying to find evidence that her father was innocent. I initially liked Eun Gi a lot, but he's a bit less upstanding than he initially seems, which I would have been fine with. I was not, however, fine with his being so determined to "save" In Yub that he ignored the fact that many of his efforts actually made things worse for her, and made her requests that he stop doing things that get her beaten, almost married off to human slime, and almost sold to another household as a surrogate and so on be all about him and his pain at being rejected. At one point, he starts bemoaning about how there's no one in the world who is more miserable than he is, referring to the fact that his ex is suffering a lot while he's off visiting gisaeng and eating well and wearing nice clothes and literally benefiting from her labor. On the flipside, we have Moo Myeong, the head servant of the household who many other servants consider to be hard and cruel, but is actually secretly trying to protect them. He may or may not be involved in all the political shenanigans, which puts a kink in his status as the better love interest. There's also a secondary romance between Dan Ji and the young master of the household, whose name I forget. I spent most of the series thinking she could do much better, but I guess he proved himself well enough towards the end. There's also, of course, plenty of femslash options around, given the setup. The most obvious one being In Yub/Dan Ji, but also In Yub and Sa Wol, her maid from before she was a slave, who eventually joins the household. Even the villain ships In Yub/Sa Wol.

A lot of the plot and developments are fairly standard for the genre, but the show manages to stay largely fresh and exciting by the writing and the acting. It also escapes one of the huge downfalls of many of its kind in that it never stops being completely In Yub's story, even at times when many series would cheerfully let the focus shift to the male characters.

Interestingly, Jeong Yu Mi and Lee Cho Hee (In Yub and Sa Wol) went straight from Maids to six Flying Dragons, which is about King Taejong in his younger days.

What I'm watching in July

Jul. 14th, 2016 06:35 pm
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cut for length )I'm fairly certain there's something else starting this month that I planned to watch, but I can't remember what. Mr. Robot is back, but I think I'd find it too stressful to watch as it airs, so I'll wait until it's over.

In other news:

This year's Emmy list is about 92% anti-me, though that's nothing new, and Hulu's new Watchlist is no better after sleep than right before. At least it appears to be universally hated?

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Jul. 14th, 2016 12:11 am
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 I loathe Hulu’s new watchlist and can’t find any of the shows I’m ACTUALLY watching among the shows I have marked to eventually watch and I can’t turn it off.
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