movie: Kubo and the Two Strings

Jan. 17th, 2017 09:06 pm
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Kubo and the Two Strings is the latest movie from Laika, the stop motion animation company behind Coraline and ParaNorman (and at least one other movie that I haven’t seen, and can’t recall the name of.

In ancient Japan, Kubo is a young boy who lives in a cave on a mountain with his mother, Sariatu. During the day, he travels down the mountain to the nearby village to play his shamisen and retell the stories his mother tells him. While he does so, origami papers fold themselves into figures and act out the stories he tells. Sariatu has always told him that he must return to the cave by nightfall so that her father, the Moon King, and her sisters will not find them, and he does so until one night, the villagers invite him to attend the Obon festival. Kubo does so, hoping to communicate with the spirit of his father, Hanzo. Hanzo does not answer his pleas, but his aunts find him, and destroy the village, causing Sariatu to lose the last of her power to send Kubo away. The rest (and bulk) of the movie is Kbo’sadventures to find Hanzo’s armor and escape his aunts. He’s joined by a talking monkey assigned to protect im by Sariatu, and an amnesiac, anthromorphic bug ho claims too be a retainer of Hanzo’s who is under a spell.

The movie is beautifully animated, and both charming and creepy, as well as being stuffed full of Japanese folklore and mythology. It appears to be at least partially inspired by the tale of Kaguya-hime, or a story like it (I want to say I’ve read a story that’s a more fitting comparison, but cant remember what it is). The only downside is that, while it had Japanese consultants and a numbr of Japanese actors in minor roles, all the major characters are voiced by white actors, and I believe the same is true of the major behind-the-scenes creators.


January Talking Meme: January 15

Jan. 15th, 2017 11:34 pm
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talk to me about Satine  Kryze and Bo-Katan! ([personal profile] musesfool )

Under a cut for spoilers for both Star Wars Rebels and The Clone Wars.  I forgot with the Ahsoka post that a coupe of people who follow me are still catching up with both.  Apologies if you saw unwanted spoilers.

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Jan. 15th, 2017 08:38 am
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Trailer for season 2 of Into the Badlands

Between this and Underground, Spring TV is looking good for me.

January talking meme: January 10

Jan. 14th, 2017 10:33 pm
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what do you think Ahsoka Tano's legacy is to Star Wars ([personal profile] grimorie ).

This was delayed so that I could finish my rewatch of season 5 of The Clone Wars

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Jan. 13th, 2017 07:15 pm
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New trailer for season 2 of Underground:

icons: Carmilla

Jan. 9th, 2017 07:30 pm
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 109 x Carmilla

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Emerald City

Jan. 8th, 2017 07:36 pm
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 I watched the first 2 episodes of Emerald City earlier and while I want to see what happens before I comment much on the plot, and disliked certain things, I mostly enjoyed it.  Can given trigger warnings if needed.  The trailers played it as fantasy with a bit of mystery and darkness but it's a horror-fantasy and occasionally played up the horror more than the fantasy. It's possibly even more diverse than the trailer made it look, we have a latina lead with curly hair who speaks Spanish with her adopted family in Kansas, another WOC with natural hair, and several other POC as well.  Some things have been flipped around from the books, while other elements that don't don't normally make it into adaptations are in it.

It's directed by Tarsem Singh which means it's the most incredibly lush and visually stunning TV show you will ever see on American network TV.  And that I really hope it's either a miniseries or intended for each season to be self-contained because there's no way NBC can afford a second season unless the ratings are amazing.  (Not to mention that I'm pretty sure the supporting cast is very costly.)

The internent is annoying me with it's inability to let me have a fantasy show (or historical drama with swords that's produced by the US or UK, though I've started seeing this crop up in sageuk and cdrama tags on tumblr) without comparing it to Game of Thrones, but that's another matter.

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Jan. 8th, 2017 02:07 pm
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 I'm reading The Princess Diarist, Carrie Fisher's book about  the making of A New Hope.  It's my first of her books and it's as funny as expected, but there's one passage that really made me uncomfortable.
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icons: And Then There Were None

Jan. 7th, 2017 10:51 pm
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 89 x And Then There Were None

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Read in 2016

Jan. 5th, 2017 03:06 pm
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39 books
45 Graphic novels, including manga

Pretty low for me with a high percentage being "cozy mysteries" and the fusion romance/mysteries/historical fiction (is there a genre name for those yet?  They don't really fit in any one of those categories.) books that have gotten popular the last 10 or so years, as those categories fit into "light comfort reading" for me.  Most of my book posts are at litsy (an app that's kind of a tumblr for books), which I like more than Goodreads, which always felt a bit like a chore to me, and my ID there is Meganbm123

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Unrelated to books, I don't know if anyone but the person I got it for uses Line for online chatting, but if anyone ever wants to chat there, I'm happy to give you my ID.

Star Wars Rebels midseason trailer.

Jan. 4th, 2017 07:32 pm
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There are so may things in this trailer that have me excited.

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