Feb. 27th, 2015 03:06 pm
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Lots of stuff ended,this week, either for the season, or forever.

1. My opinion of Agent Carter was pretty consistent throughout. I enjoyed it, I want more of it, but was consistently disappointed in how it chose to present 1946. If there is a second season, I hope they have Angie becoming a spy, or at least getting involved in that part of Peggy's life. (I actually thought they might start to go there, at one point.) Really I just hope they develop her more. I like her a lot, but am aware that, without carryover feelings from Nikita, I'd mostly just find her amusing.

2. Sleepy Hollow never regained the charm of the first season, though it did improve somewhat in the second half, despite problems. The finale had some very fun parts, and the end set up good possibilities if the show gets removed, however...

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3. This season of Parks and Rec is the only one I've followed as it aired, as opposed to binging on the whole season. I'm sure a lot of people didn't like the time jump, but it's one of the few times I think a time jump was actually a good idea, and things had really gotten a bit stale in some areas in the last couple of seasons. Aside from that one realtionship that should never be fractured being fractured at the beginning of the season, I really enjoyed the season, and mostly enjoyed the finale. really, there were only 2 things about the finale that I didn't like.

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4. Empire is still great. There are things in it that I have issues with, and when my coworkers find out I watch it, every single one of them says they didn't think it was the kind of show i'd like. And really, they're right? It isn't my normal kind of show, but Taraji Henson as Cookie makes everything better, though I am starting to get attached to other characters.

5. The 100 is also still great, and recent developments have certainly been interesting. Apparently, I even like Jasper again? I'm starting to get a feeling of dread about the next few episodes, though.

6. How to Get Away With Murder went from a show I appreciated but didn't think I'd get invested in to one that I felt I had to brace and prepare myself for this week. The finale was mostly amazing, but the very long, lovingly filmed choking scene was right up there with the scene that kept switching between the autopsy and the sex scene earlier in the season. SIGH. It's getting a second season, to no one's surprise, and I'm thrilled, despite my yech-ness over that part.

7. A week or so ago, I also watched the first season of Grantchester which is a mystery series set in the 50s in which a strapping young vicar (who has PTSD from the war, is a borderline alcoholic, and is in love with an upper class girl who's finally given up on waiting for him to make a move) teams up with an atheist inspector to solve crime.

The relationship between the leads went something like this:
VICAR: So, uhm, for reasons I cannot disclose, I believe the guy who committed suicide was actually murdered.
INSPECTOR: This is a very bad sports week for me, so you have very bad timing. Also your evidence is circumstantial and your theories aren't that logical.
VICAR: I shall run around visiting people in my concerned vicarly way, and maybe you won't notice that I'm also investigating.
INSPECTOR: I have jail cells, you know. I might introduce you too them once I finish banging my head against this pillar here.
VICAR'S HOUSEKEEPER: I very loudly disapprove of the company he's keeping this week, but you can't lock him up, because he has to write a sermon.

VICAR: Inspector, I know that this murder involves my sister, as well as the woman I'm pretending not to be in love with, and her friends and family, and you think my sister's boyfriend did it, but I promise not to interfere this time.
INSPECTOR: Actually, it's a funny thing. Did you know people are more willing to talk to vicars than inspectors? Especially vicars who they know? Especially when it's a bunch of young ladies having a handsome young man wanting to make everything ever better for them? Wanna come?
VICAR: YES PLEASE. I mean, uhm, I know I don't act like it, but I actually do have a full time job that's important, and NO WAIT I AM COMING.
VICAR'S HOUSEKEEPER: You will have him home by dinner, and then he will write his sermons.


INSPECTOR: Hey. vicar, did you know there was another murder?
VICAR: No, that is awful.
INSPECTOR: Come along, then.
VICAR: Come what now?
INSPECTOR: Funny thing, but people STILL seem to be more comfortable talking to handsome young vicars than grumpy middleaged inspectors.
VICAR: But, I mean, I really do have a job and-are you actually dragging me away?
VICAR: But my parishioners!
VICAR'S HOUSEKEEPER: The dead man was one of those, you know.
VICAR: Who's side are you on, anyway?
VICAR: But my sermons!
VICAR'S HOUSEKEEPER: Funny thing, I JUST finished helping your new curate settle in to his new bedroom.

It was a bit odd watching it a couple weeks after watching the third series of Father Brown, which is set around the same time and features a catholic priest and his friends and sidekicks running around, solving murders and annoying the local inspector. Between the two, I do think Father Brown is better (but it's not exactly a fair comparison since I've seen 6 episodes of Grantchester and around 40 of Father Brown) but Grantchester is certainly a more fannish type of show.

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Feb. 25th, 2015 07:16 pm
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 144 x Devious Maids (season 1)

devious-maids-70 devious-maids-23 devious-maids-108

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Feb. 23rd, 2015 04:23 pm
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126 x Akatsuki no Yona (eps 9-16) 

akatsukinoyona2-76 akatsukinoyona2-31 akatsukinoyona2-119

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Lots of TV

Feb. 20th, 2015 11:30 pm
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Hi, I am alive! Obviously I have been terrible at being online, which then goes into the whole "I have too much to write up, so I don't write it, so then I feel even more behind" thing. It also doesn't help that my laptop is getting slow so I spend most of my computer time on my phone, which isn't very conducive to commenting or posting.

Anyway, life stuff is going on, mostly not too eventful. And I am watching a lot of TV! Here, have some impressions since the thought of doing coherent write-ups of each show keeps me from writing anything.


This started out as my laundry folding show, except then I got hooked. It is probably not the best show ever, especially in terms of writing, but I'm fond of many of the characters and the focus on family. Also, plot like whoa. My main gripes are the romance storylines, since they are mostly terrible, and how you of course learn all things mystical and martial-arts-y in Asia. Or from Asians. (Or sometimes from possibly non-Asian people in Asia? Let's not go there...) My main delights are Oliver's relationships with his family, particularly with his little sister, and assorted Team Arrow teamwork hijinks.

Spoilers through Arrow 3x14 )

The Flash

So of course since I got hooked on Arrow, I started The Flash, largely because Grant Gustin is ADORABLE. I also love how deliberately non-gritty it is; Barry helps people because he likes helping people. I do wish they weren't making the same mistake Arrow made with Laurel, which is to keep Iris in the dark and thereby make most storylines having to do with her boring. This is especially too bad because the actress is a lot more likable than Katie Cassidy (sorry Katie Cassidy!). On the other hand, the Joe-Barry relationship is BEST.

Spoilers through The Flash 1x14 )

The 100

I have really been enjoying this show, and having a female protagonist is such a nice change from Arrow and Flash, much as I like them. I especially love how one of the main themes is Clarke becoming a leader. My other favorite thing is the various shifting alliances and groups and all the politicking. There are some things about the worldbuilding that questionable (Grounder culture, for one), but overall I love how much worldbuilding there is, and how large the world feels. This has really been scratching my SF/F genre itch.

Spoilers through The 100 2x11 )

Jane the Virgin

Yes, I am indeed watching all CW all the time.

This show! This is my new favorite and actually has me looking forward to something on Mondays. I love so many things about it, from Jane herself to the Villanueva family to the wtfbbq, telenovela-ness of some of the plot to Rogelio and his hashtags. This gives me all the warm fuzzies.

(Also, so many hearts to the show for having a bilingual household and not making it a big deal.)

Spoilers through Jane the Virgin 1x14 )

Agent Carter

I am enjoying this a lot! The Peggy and Jarvis snark is fun, and the bits fleshing out the larger MCUverse are nice as well. Mostly I am ignoring period accuracy but enjoying the clothes. Alas, this is also the whitest show on this post.

Fresh Off the Boat

This is the show I wish I were enjoying more than I actually am. I don't know how much of it is the sitcom humor, how much is the show finding its legs, and how much is stuff just feeling a little off.

One of the main things for me is that Louis and Jessica feel like second gen Chinese Americans, not first gen immigrants. Constance Wu's accent sounds a bit off (I'm not sure if Randall Park is even trying one? Which is probably the better option.), and of course, they don't speak Chinese at home! It's particularly glaring compared to Jane the Virgin's use of Spanish in the show. And when there is Chinese, it sounds a lot like it was written first in English and then translated.

That said, the 90's-ness of it cracks me up (even their light fixtures look it!), and I like it when the show focuses more on individual character quirks rather than commentary on being Chinese. Show! I hope you do well, even if you do end up being not for me.

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Feb. 19th, 2015 09:14 pm
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 First, thanks to everyone who gave me feedback about ComiXology. Sounds like it's not the app for me.

Second, a question for MC fans about this week's Agent Carter.

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Feb. 18th, 2015 09:18 pm
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 Does anyone here use the Comixology app, and if so (A) do you like it, and (B) is it easy to side load comics into it?
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