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May. 5th, 2016 05:44 pm
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Shows I'm watching, since I'm apparently no longer capable of commenting on all of them regularly:


12 Monkeys
The Catch*
Jane the Virgin*
Madam Secretary*
Star Wars: The Clone Wars (very sporadic rewatch)
Wynonna Earp


Another Oh Hae Young/Oh Hae Young Again
The Flower in Prison
Goodbye Mr. Black*


The Musketeers (season 3)

*I'm pretty sure all these will be over/on hiatus by the end of May.
**On hold until Goodbye Mr. Black is over. Lee Won-Jong is in both series, and it's a bit weird for me when I try to watch 2 shows with the same actor in them, even if the characters and appearance in the shows are completely different.
***I'm definitely not going to bother with finishing Indian Summers unless I hear something amazing about the final episodes (which isn't likely, since I haven't looked at the tags or read anything about it since the admittedly-recent breakup) and have little desire to watch the last episode of Grantchester, since I haven't cared a lot for this season, and haven't cared for its treatment of women in particular.


As far as shows that are starting soon: Homes Fires has almost finished its second season in the UK, so I should get to watch it soon. Killjoys and Dark Matter return in July, and most of the shows not ending in May will be over or almost over by then. Mirror of the Witch starts soon on the kdrama from, but I might wait to read feedback before watching any of it. I haven't even looked at the upcoming anime list yet. I know Grace and Frankie is back soon, but I'm not sure when. Netflix will inform me 50 or 60 times when it drops, so I'm not worried there. Like Home Fires, I'll probably watch all of it in a day or two anyway, so it's not like it's something that will actually be added to my TV schedule.

I'm considering checking out Extant and/or Black Sails, along with a few Chinese wuxia and fantasy dramas, since my list of shows I'm watching is deceptively long and about to effectively go away (nothing but The Flower in Prison and syfy shows will be left by July, unless I've started Mirror of the Witch by then, or Oh Hae Young Again gets an extension). Anyone care to weigh in on those two shows, or make other recommendations?
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I'm very pleased to report that the first 2 episodes of The Flower in Prison, the latest superlong MBC sageuk from Lee Byung-hoon about a woman, Ok-Nyeo, who is born and grows up in a prison and wages war against social and legal injustices as an adult (plus romance and political shenanigans), lived up to my expectations.

A few brief notes:

1. This girl playing teenaged Ok-Nyeo is proof that sageuks tend to get the most talented child actors. (I mean, she's probably 16 or so, so older than most child actors, but you know what I mean.)

2. Most sageuks of this type tell us most or all of the main character's origins in the first episodes, but here we barely know any more than Ok-Nyeo does. I suppose they can get away with that since she's completely fictional (afaik) as opposed to based on a historical figure. Even The Royal Gambler has a protagonist based on a prince who died in infancy.

3. I guess it's because the characters are probably going to be close in age to the actors, but it's really, really weird and slightly uncomfortable that they didn't get a younger actor for Tae Won (Official Love Interest) for the episodes when Ok-Nyeo is only 15. Granted, people physically change less between their 20s and 30s than their teens and 20s, and he (thankfully) isn't displaying even the vaguest hint of romantic or sexual interest at this point, but it's weird watching an actor in his 30s playing a character in his 20s against a teenager, knowing the same actor will be romancing the character when she's being played by someone else in her 20s and he'll be playing the same character in his 30s.

4. These are apparently the nicest and most helpful prisoners ever? I mean, granted, we mostly see them interact with Ok-Nyeo, who is a kid who does favors for them, and who many have known for years, and they don't seem quite as nice when she isn't around to see, but I was expecting something of a harsher environment? It does look like Ok-Nyeo is going to grow up a bit darker and more devious than most sageuk heroines are, though.

Terrible theory

May. 3rd, 2016 12:37 am
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Watching DS9 after having finished Enterprise, and I just

In the first episode of the Prophets are freaked out by corporeality and linearity and think humans must be destroyed because so aggressive, violent, etc, an inherent danger to their existence.

We know the Prophets eventually start deliberately messing around with time for outcomes they want, see: Sisko's ancestry.

My theory is that the non corporeal beings who exist outside of time and were trying to incite the Xindi to preemptively wipe out humanity--they were the Prophets, doing that while experiment with the timeline in the same span of existence as Sisko explaining that humans are totally not mass-murdering colonialist dicks, but in fact totally peaceful people who swing bats at balls for irrelevant reasons.

It was the Delphic Expanse they were trying to create. So easily could have been a translation error for this space claimed by the Prophets. Perhaps the expanse was even an early attempt at creating the interface with regular space that eventually became a wormhole! I mean, why not, sure it's been around 10,000 years, and sort of kind of probably existed before Sisko and Dax fell into it, but what is time? What is before? Linearity does not apply.

(I also theorized the shapeshifters Enterprise NX-01 met on a rogue planet were totally the Founders. How did they end up in the gamma quadrant from there? Well, the rogue planet probably like, vanished into the expanse when it evaporated, I mean, why not.)

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Apr. 30th, 2016 03:47 pm
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I've started watching Goodbye Mr. Black, the still-airing kdrama based on an 80s manhwa that is loosely based on The Count of Monte Cristo. This somehow resulted in it being more recognizably Monte Cristo than most direct adaptations. I actually spent about a week trudging through the first episode in 5 and 10 minute increments until I hit about the 3/4 mark last night and I have now finished the 5th episode. I guess I just needed Moon Chae Won to show up.

I'm not overly invested in the revenge aspect yet, largely because I like Ji Won/Black (Dantes) well enough, but am not overly interested in him yet, but I like the characters and have liked a decent number of the actors in other things. More importantly, the male lead's assumed name is Black and the female lead's assumed name is Swan. The subtlety there is downright kethal. So very very subtle. He also gave her the name (her name was Kaya because she was found abandoned in a garbage pile in Thailand as a child and "Kaya" means "garbage" and he decided that wasn't ok) based on his nickname for his sister, " Ugly Duckling."

BUT MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, as of episode 5, this is the 3rd kdrama I've watched in April in which "inexperienced but determined young reporter takes on impossibly huge and powerful opponent" is a plot point (this is actually pure coincidence aside from the "overlapping people who like them" part), though I doubt it'll be as central here as in Healer or Pinocchio. There was also a scene in episode 5 that was straight out of Healer with a bit of City Hunter thrown in. All that was missing was Park Min Young. The show can feel to have scenes straight out Healer anytime it wants. I suspect I may have been better off waiting until the show is finished to start watching, but South Korea seems to be largely over the "a tragic ending is the best ending 4 out of 5 times" thing.

As of this series, I've watched 4 complete kdramas and started 2 more that I intend to finish in April alone. And The Flower in Prison started today, though English subs arent out yet. I don't think I've ever had such a concentrated period of watching kdramas in the 12 or so years I've been watching them, even adjusting for the superlong sageuks I've watched. That said, given the shenanigans US-and, to a lesser degree, British- TV have been up to the last few months, and the lack of airing anime that I want to watch, it isn't really surprising.

The curse continues.

Apr. 29th, 2016 07:58 pm
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I've been largely enjoying The Catch , the new Shondalandshow about a private investigator who starts hunting down her fiance after he reveals himself to be a conartist and steals her life savings. I had a lot of reservations but it was steadily growing on me. And then this week's episode came along and...

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Apr. 26th, 2016 09:03 pm
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I have largely enjoyed Indian Summers, the Channel 4 series about the last year's of the British Raj, but with enough reservations* that it isn't something I would widely recommend so much as give my input if someone asked about it. I've had problems with season 2 in general, largely in that there's a marked increase in violence towards women. Nowhere near the levels of certain other shows, but still.

The latest episode found my limit, though, and that limit is one of the main characters guilt trip his wife into letting a sleezeball rape her while pretending he's trying to protect her, all to get a recommendation for a job he only wants because his father said he should.

I'd say "sorry for spoiling any followers who watch," but some spoilers are a public service.

Apparently it was just announced that the series is officially cancelled, which would have left me disappointed a week ago, but not anymore.

*Mostly: it tries, and it seems aware of issues that plague most US and British fiction about the period, but it can't shake off the nostalgia enough, and with the exception of Aafrin and Sooni, it's clearly much much interested in the British characters as a whole than the Indian ones. There's also the huge issue of Aafrin's Indian love interests ultimately being proven treacherous and the very virtuous, blonde and white Alice being held up as the superior romantic option. (Please note that I say that having much fondness for Alice and generally liking Alice/Aafrin, but that doesn't make the treatment of Aafrin's other love interests any less problematic.)
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Yesterday I watched the first episode of the 2008 series Iljimae and noticed that the child versions of the leads were played by Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung, who reunited 4 years later to play the child versions of the leads in The Moon Embracing the Sun. They were 10 and 8, I think, when making Iljimae and are so tiny and earnest and in danger of being devoured alive by their costumes that you could actually expire from the cuteness. I knew YJG was in The Royal Gambler since I watched some of it, but was curious about what KYJ was up to. And found out that KYH, who is currently 16, has an upcoming sageuk, Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, in which she's apparently being romantically paired with 22 year old Park Bo Gum.Who is playing a historical figure who actually died at 20.) Much worse is Mirror of the Witch, in which 15 year old Kim Sae Ron is paired with 29 year old Yoon Shi Yoon.

In The Royal Gambler, I was doing a lot of sideeyeing over that fact that I was expected to believe that YJG's character is only a year younger than the character played by 28 year old Jang Geun Suk, and was involved in a love triangle with 25 year old Lim Ji Yeon (who, like YJG, plays a character pretty close to her actual age), though I wasn't overly worried as JGS/LJY was clearly the Official Pairing. What's going on in MDBC and MotW is a whole other matter.

KYJ is a very talented actress and I'm told KSR is too, though I haven't seen her in anything, and while I fully support giving young actresses good roles, I know for a fact that there are plenty of good actresses who know their ways around a sageuk who are in the early to mid-20s range. If they had their hearts set on these particular actresses, then there are also perfectly decent actors in the 16-20 range. Granted, the legal age of consent in South Korea is 13, and large age differences in actors isn't too unusual in sageuks, but it's usually a case of an actress in her early or mid-20s being paired with an actor in his 30s (there seems to be less of this in recent years, though, with the Flower Boy craze hitting sageuks), not someone who's too young to legally drive almost anywhere outside of North America being paired with someone much older than her.

(As far as the dramas themselves go...I lost interest in TRG, and MDBC was like Hwarang, where my watching would largely depend on my schedule once it starts, and if there are more women than it currently looks like. MotW is one I REALLY look forward too, plotwise, but I was always leery of the casting, though I didn't realize how big the age difference was until after the first trailer came out, so it will depend on what wins out once it starts.)

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Apr. 22nd, 2016 09:14 pm
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