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I've created a new book blog for myself over at blogger since that seems to be where many of the book bloggers hang out
ninefly's book blog
(I just realized I've been juggling around 3 different screennames recently, ninefly, denenkyuu, and angeltyuan...I'll probably stop using denenkyuu for new accounts and stick to ninefly/angeltyuan from now on...)
took me a while to tweak the layout to my liking and it's rejuvenated my love for html/css XDDDD;
but that's besides the point, I've posted up more detailed/revamped versions of my previous book reviews there, as well as joined a few reading challenges 8D
my DW account will now just be a general life-blog, though I'll still post snippets of new reviews/fandom projects and stuff from my other journals occasionally =)

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and, against my better judgement(?), I've signed up for NaNoWriMo!!...?

the "novel" is going to be the first volume to the story I posted about a while back, and it's officially got a title now:
Red Threads, Book One: No Faith
NaNoWriMo officially starts tomorrow, so I'll post up progress bars and stuff later
oh, and [personal profile] wingstodust is going to be my Writing Buddy ♥
we're going to cheer each other on right? right???
at least I'll finally get off my ass and start writing this thing for serious...

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I'm on the last season of BSG and...well I'm a bit disappointed in the lack of Starbuck/Apollo BFF-NESS DDDDDD8
I also preferred Kara with shorter hair, though I guess it's supposed to symbolize character growth or something =T
also, I cheated and found out about the ending, which makes me kinda really really sad...the fact that the writers are hinting at more movies though...maybe they will fix this sadsad ending? PLEASE???
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there was a library book sale this weekend downtown, so I went and tried to pick up some good books. problem was, they didn't have a YA/adults fiction section, only something vague called "general fiction" WTF. also, I went for the last few hours on the last day of the sale so I guess pickings weren't great, but still...I only got one book.

The Walking Boy
by Lydia Kwa
erm...yeah. not that it sounds terribly exciting or anything (it's about a hermaphrodite child and his journey to find his master's lover or somewhat?), but I'm very interested in the premises with the first/last female emperor of China (the story is based on historical facts) and I'm using it as consulting material for my own story -- which I haven't forgotten, really.

so yeah, the book sale was at a remote corner of the downtown area, and the buses only came once every half-hour, so I decided to walk back up towards my campus in search of lunch/dinner. there were various other used bookstores along the street too so I picked up a few more bargain-ish books )

the book salesman said I had a broad spectrum of tastes XD;

ate lunch/dinner at the asian vegetarian restaurant, their pseudo-meat is actually quite good.
I think I'm becoming addicted to pineapple + rice actually, I had quite a few meals with them in various combinations over the summer, and today's dish was Pineapple with (Veggie) Chicken Fried Rice. yum ♥


also, I've become officially addicted to Battlestar Galactica.

I technically blame it on my sci-fi class, though we only had a screening of an episode from the '78 series ('04 series screening is this week).
technically, BSG is sorta like Stargate in the spaceships trapped in space and survival themes, but I love BSG way more because I love the characters (most of them anyways), even if I can hate them at times, the show has a way of making you realize that everyone has their problems and situational pressures that push them to do the things they do.
favorite is Starbuck obviously, she is so kickass, I have a girl-crush on her ♥ she's the kind of character who sometimes defies categorization of gender. there's also a lot of gender role reversal here, where Apollo seems the pushover/sympathetic "talker of feelings" while Starbuck is the arrogant and aggressive "don't wanna talk 'bout it" kinda person. I also like how Apollo and Starbuck are always friends first, saving each other and generally goofing around like they're kids, it's very rare to find another guy-girl pair like them on TV.
also, lots of philosophy on identity, what is "human", war, responsibility, forgiveness, and some very plausible military strategic plans for their battles. the use of "low-level" technology also makes the plot just that much more frightening since it makes the "future" (robots rebelling and massacring humans) seem just that much more eminent and possible as opposed to if they had the ships outfitted with much more advanced technology to suggest that we had more time to prevent this.

I'm on season 3 right now though, and the show's "feel" seems to have shifted a LOT (more due to the setting and the separation of key characters I guess), but I hope they return to the original pace soon, I want the kickass Starbuck back T-T


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