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hmm, just watched the first three episodes of the new Stargate Universe
it's got a similar vibe to Firefly (slow-paced, character-centric), but I can't find myself attached to any of the characters save Eli (and that's only because he's slightly adorable) and Scott (I can at least see his reasoning beyond wanting to save his own ass)
oh! and surprise!Ian Edgerton Telford too, though he's only a guest star D=

I pretty much hate most of the crew...
- the senator's daughter is annoying and her relationship with her father isn't really fleshed out enough to strike sympathy with me
- the medic is a little too full of herself, she says she's not qualified but she justifies her actions anyways (or maybe I just don't like the fact she sedated Telford who is in Young's body and in pain, but struggling to help scout out the ship for the people on Earth, and it's not because she cares about him, but because she cares about Young's body =T)
- Rush is also boatloads of bad!fail, he tries to be conniving but it just doesn't work; maybe he's the love-to-hate character since he gets beat up so often
- Young is brave and all that, but he seems ultimately quite charisma in my opinion

since it is a sci-fi show, suspension of belief is expected, but I'm still quite unconvinced of a few things (mostly since the show seems to be set in present-day or current-century America):
- that shuttle thing, couldn't they get the frickin' FLYING ROBOT CAMERAS to push the damn button!? it's better than sacrificing a person DDDD:
- sound in space? government with spaceships and colonizing other planets (that just happen to have oxygen-carbon atmosphere)? TELEPORTATION?
- the "Ancient" technology looks a bit too much like our own; I see how we as humans can't imagine beyond combinations of what we already have, but still =T
- also stone-mediated mind-switch??? it's much more confusing when you switch the actors in these scenes too even though they're supposed to be each others' bodies...are they not confident in their actors' abilities here? or the audience's intelligence?

the first act "Air" seemed too drawn out in my opinion, and failed to really get me attached to any of the characters and paradoxically made me hate half the crew...I'll probably drop this series if the next episode remains so mediocre


in Supernatural news, season 5 is kinda underwhelming compared to the earlier's starting to deteriorate in terms of script and focus =T
- Castiel swearing a that supposed to be a statement? saying "bad" words will give you power/freedom? wow, that's very encouraging Show -_-
- Cas and Dean in a brothel? really? rebelling against angels = having sex?
- fanservice is going over the top, though I liked the fangirl from episode 2 (it was fabulous in terms of humor), couldn't the prophet just call Sam/Dean? this is reminding me of that Naruto slash/femmeslash fanservice chapter UGH XP
- Lindsey from episode 3 was quite annoying, sure she can express interest in Sam romantically/sexually, but does she have to invade his privacy? "tell me your life's story"? as if anyone could fit their essence into one night =T
- annnnd Sam escapes responsibility again! it's like he's all "I started the mess so I'm gonna hole up and not talk about it or do anything about it! leave that to Dean!" -_- not sure I'm feeling very sympathetic for Sammy anymore
- that scene of Sam with J***, is it supposed to be "semantic" or something? the script is kinda awful there...and seriously, 5 years and Sam still falls for appearances?
- "the voice says I'm almost out of minutes!", "I'll just...wait here then" oh Cas/cellphone ♥
- epic brother/Mic vs. brother/Luci consent showdown thing = epic man!pain x2; I'm interested on how Show handles this destiny thing though
- Jensen did an awesome job with episode 4 ♥♥♥ I can probably tell apart the two versions even if they were wearing the same clothes, that's talent 8D
I'll keep watching, if only to see it through its probable last season (as planned, so it should be conclusive)


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