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oh god I haven't been working on Nano at ALL these past few days DDDDD8
however! I have been slaving(?) over character sketches! this one will probably be either the cover or a character page for YeLin:

(click to see larger)

I'll be updating on the WIP over at my blogger account too (it actually has an earlier/uglier stage screenshot as well)
erm...20k is my new goal...yes...
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Celebrated my grandpa's birthday a few weeks ago at the KunLun Mountain Hotspring Resort.

The guys (dad, uncle, grandpa, bro) played majiang and the women (mom, aunt, me) went for the hotsprings 8D

We tried a few medicinal ones, the volcanic ash bath (basically it's like covering your whole body in sesame soup...took us a while to wash it all off...) then the milk and red wine springs.

I didn't really read what they're supposed to do for you though...

And then we had a big dinner where my bro proved he's a very very capable drinker (he downed nine cups of white wine in the 1-2 hours we were there Oo;). My dad and uncle were kinda not-so-capable drinkers...uncle was hallucinating earthquakes by the end of the meal XDDDD;

We first checked in to a suite room style building, but then my grandpa wanted to stay longer so we rented a rather large house for the second night. Ours was named 雨蝶庭 (Butterfly in the Rain). They had a automated majiang table available and the guys spent most of the rest of their stay playing majiang...again -__-

I brought along the cross-stitch portrait I was making for my grandpa's birthday. It says 寿 (long life), with a peach, a symbol of immortality. Didn't actually finish it on time for the birthday date (my grandpa celebrates his birthday by the lunar calendar), but here is a photo of it all framed and stuff:

Here's the cross stitch keychain thing I made for my Mom's new carkeys (red Peugeot):

Also, here's a photo of the mini-hot spring pool thing in the backyard of the house. It's not pure hot spring water, but it was pretty nice...

# # #

And then, since I'm leaving China on the 8th, one day before my birthday (on the solar calendar), the family decided to give me an early birthday dinner before I leave. Aunt and uncle bought me a cake with this adorable little panda sitting on top plus some moon cake ♥. Jeff got me a bottle of Coke Zero. Both can be seen in the photo:

The triangles on the sides are chocolate and the center is piled with fruits ♥

The panda tasted awful though >3>


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